Donate Wales have been struggling to acquire new and exciting sponsors that can help us grow the brand to help Wales become a bigger and better country.

Our campaign primarily focuses on the struggles that we encounter here in Wales. If you’ve ever been to the valleys in wales, you would know about all the trouble that occurs there and all of the problems that we have living with rats, mice and other vermin.

Wales has become a hub of sorts for all of the local people that are located in the United Kingdom, but are looking for a cheaper and less expensive place to live. We find that many people migrate from the busy streets of London, Belfast and other cities to come find a new life in the heart of Wales.

We may be known for our sheep, however we have seen that with the expansion of MTV to the welsh countryside, that businesses and other people are looking to capitalize on the growing market.

Wales is no longer just a country inside of the UK that has been forgotten about and it’s slowly coming back to life.

Delicious is a website that is looking to sponsor us and help us with new funding efforts that can be used in our campaigns to reignite the welsh. The website focuses on providing reviews of many common items that you’d find in your household, such as bread machines, fabric steamers and more. By helping people with finding their desired appliance the website is able to make money off ad revenue which they can then donate to our company!

We hope that we can acquire more sponsors as the days go on, we’ve been looking in to various other forms of fundraising and will soon be organizing a protest in the streets of London to grow our welsh name!