About us

The Donate Wales – Tell a Loved One campaign is being led by the Kidney Wales Foundation and supported by some of the country’s biggest charities and organisations including the British Heart Foundation Cymru, British Medical Association, Diabetes UK, British Liver Trust, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Live Life then Give Life, Royal National Institute for the Blind and the Wales Kidney Patient Association.

This is the first time a group charities has come together to promote organ donation and all are united in encouraging as many people as possible to talk about their organ donation wishes and join the Organ Donor Register.

The campaign itself is being funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and the Kidney Wales Foundation and aims to more people to act on their good intentions and join the register. If more do then more lives can be saved.

Before you save a life – Tell a loved one

Edwina Hart, Minister for Health said: “Discussing what happens to us and our organs after we die are things most people don’t really want to think about but it is important for people to discuss the possibility with family members. If they are aware of their loved one’s wishes, family members can find it comforting to know that some good has come from their bereavement.”

The British Heart Foundation Cymru: “We welcome the opportunity to actively support the Donate Wales – Tell a Loved One Campaign. The BHF is the UK’s leading heart charity, fighting to eradicate early death from heart and circulatory disease – Wales’ biggest killer. Heart transplants offer the best chance of long term survival for critically ill heart failure patients. Unfortunately there is a shortage of donor hearts for use in transplantations. As the nation’s heart charity, BHF has a role to play in increasing the rate of organ donation to make sure that those patients requiring new hearts have the best possible chance of survival.

British Medical Association: “Each year in Welsh hospitals, doctors see people die waiting for an organ transplant. Yet surveys show that the majority of the public support organ donation. We need to square the circle. BMA Cymru Wales gives its full support to the Donate Wales – Tell a Loved campaign to raise the number of people on the Organ Donor Register.”

Welsh Kidney Patients’ Association: “We wholeheartedly support and welcome this campaign, launched by the Kidney Wales Foundation, to raise organ donation awareness in Wales. We have 2,200 members across Wales. Approximately 400 of those are awaiting a kidney transplant. The WKPA is sure that the campaign will highlight the acute shortage of organs and the need for people to tell their loved ones that they have joined the Organ Donor Register.”

Live Life Then Give Life: “We are proud to be a supporting member of the new Welsh organ donation awareness campaign. Each of us has the ability to save lives in the future, but only if we do something about it today. We are urging all of the Welsh public to get behind this campaign by signing up to the Organ Donor Register and telling their loved ones of their wish to give the greatest gift of all – the Gift of Life.”

Diabetes UK: “Transplant treatments have been shown to be effective for a number of people with diabetes who are struggling with their condition. Diabetes UK would encourage everyone to join the organ donor register and to let their relatives know.”

The British Liver Trust said: “We wholeheartedly support the Donate Wales – Tell a Loves One campaign. We would like to urge everyone to sign up to the Organ Donor Register. There are currently more 300 people waiting for a liver transplant in the UK. The number of patients on the liver transplant list has increased by 58% since 1998 and last year, almost 100 people died while waiting to receive a liver transplant. Donating an organ is the greatest gift you could ever give someone so sign up today.”