The Campaign

Donate Wales – Tell a Loved One is a campaign that gives you the chance to make a life-saving difference.

Right now more than 400 people across Wales are desperately waiting for a transplant to save or transform their lives. Because of the desperate shortage of donors though many face the reality of having to wait years before getting that second chance a transplant could give them, while others may sadly die.

One of the biggest obstacles to more lives being saved is that four out of ten families refuse for their loved ones organs to be donated – often simply because they didn’t know what they would have wanted.

You have the power to change this by talking about your donation wishes with your family and friends and joining the biggest life-saving club in Wales – the Organ Donor Register. More than 775,000 people already have, but that still means 73% of the population in Wales can do their bit.

In the last five years more than 750 lives in Wales have been transformed by a transplant and the generosity of a donor. Sadly in that same time 150 people have died, many just children, and without more donors more lives will be lost.

There is no age limit to joining the Register or restrictions because of a person’s sexuality. Likewise all of the major religions support the principals of organ donation meaning everyone one of us has the chance to make a life-saving difference.

If you already carry a donor card you should still join the Register as this is most secure way of making sure your pledge.

Please talk about your organ donation wishes with your loved ones and if you want to help join the Organ Donor Register. It only takes a few minutes and could save someone else’s life.